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Let’s go to the blue world.

To enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in Okinawa.

Diving shop Maldive is located in Okinawa’s main island. Our service includes snorkeling,diving and PADI diving courses. Our blue cave tours are tailored just for you and are offering in different languages. Japanese,English,Chinese and Korean are few to mention.。

Traveling alone,
with friends and family.

We are prepared to accommodate all your needs.

About us.

Course schedule.

Feeding fish,
tour pictures for FREE.




About us.

Diving Shop Maldive is founded by a veteran dive instructor from diver’s Mecca MALDIVES. With 17 years of experience in diving industry all around the world, we welcome you with unique tours.

Safety as our top priority, we will do our utmost to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Okinawa’s sea.

Our instructors focus on every little details of your needs to help you make best and unforgettable reminiscences which will remain in your hearts forever.

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