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Blue cave
Night snorkeling

Let’s explore the ocean at night.
Night snorkeling is full of surprises. It is completely different from day time. You can approach fishes more closely. Many nocturnal creatures which you never seen during day time are out from hiding and to be seen. And PLANKTON which glow mystical bluish green when you move are very common. Let’s forget the heat of the day and relax at the sea at night.

About the tour.

Please bring medical certificate if you are 60 years old.
Depending on sea conditions we may change the tour point.
Please understand that there is no effect to our tour even it’s cloudy or rainy. But in case of strong winds and high wave, we may change or cancel the tour.
We charge you cancellation fee of 50% if you cancel two days before and 100% will be charged if you cancel one day before and on the same day.​​

About the payment.

# prices shown here doesn’t include consumption tax of 8% . But if you pay by cash we will give you 8% discount so you don’t have to pay the tax.
# In case you want pay by credit card, we will add 8% consumption tax. Please contact us in advance if you want use the credit cards.

What to bring.

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • Beach sandals

About Meeting point



  • Those who can’t provide medical certificate at age of 60 years old.

  • Those who fly on the same day of diving. ( we recommend you to wait at least 12 hours if it’s just one dive and 18 hours if it’s more)

  • Those who are pregnant.

  • Those who have any heart disease,lung disease,ear problems, diabetes,hypertension,and blood pressure.

  • Those who have hangovers, had alcohol before the tour. In addition we may refuse your entry if you make problems to another customer.

¥4,500 / persons

from 6 years old
Meeting point.
Cape Maeda (car parking )
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